In Game RP cringe

Imagine talking like an NPC. smh.

Roleplayers be talking like it’s a fucking story lmao.
Fucking cringe.
Honestly, these types of people should just quit and play a diff game

The ones who do the Novels and story shit are okay, as long as they dont talk NPC language in-game

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i literally do not give a fuck how people talk in game as long as they don’t try to fight me for having a red name


lmao agree, some retard said that he was supposed to kill me because I had a purple tag and he had hero rep

shit, you’re calling me out

Just let people play the way they want to play. They are not affecting you in any way.

judging someone by how they want to immerse themselves into the game? kinda weird


bro i got attacked twice just for having a demon rep by retards who think they’re the savior of the earth in a fucking roblox game

People who kill players for no reason are annoying, but what does that have to do with roleplaying.

They add shitty dialogue when they’re about to attack me then they use my rep as a way of justifying a fight against me

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I mean… it IS a fighting game and some people are quite bored when you have nothing else to do at max level except fishing and boss farming.


yeah sure i agree that people get bored but at least don’t be a fucking jackass and start killing randoms just because of their rep and think that you’re a fucking hero to everyone around you

I’m pretty sure it’s a logical choice for somebody that’s wanting to rk is most likely going to attack a player that’s opposite of their rep, especially if they want to roleplay abit. Also how do you know that they were thinking “oh im a hero”?

also jeez this is the toxic side of the forums i see

Player 1 relaxes.
Player 2 starts working out.


RKing someone based on rep is a shitty excuse, if u were to RK at least be in a guild or sumn. Also, i do know this because i was constantly killed with the same excuse for “reputaution” with some people actually giving more than one shit about their rep.

Rking with a good excuse is okay

But Rking without a good excuse is intolerable?

Yeah, if you RK at least have a reasonable excuse instead of doing some weird hero shit like giving a damn about ur rep

there’s a lot of topics on rking and most agree as long it’s fair or a good excuse is ok

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Interesting opinion but thanks for the insight


I’m sorry, my Theatre Kid instincts were kicking in!