In terms of power if a Curse user fought a devil fruit user who would win on top

Any type of curse and any type of devil fruit

most are probably on par with logias

Look, I haven’t watched a whole lot of one piece, but I’m pretty sure that curses are a whole lot more powerful than devil fruits.

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Definitely not some zoans and paramecias though

Not necessarily considering devil fruits like ope ope exist and some curses/magics are literally just devil fruits lol

good point, however there are some curses that gives the user power that can be absolutely busted, like lazarus or absorption

We have a couple dfs that are similar to absorption idk bout lazarus tho

Well, for the record there ARE some curses that has the potential to destroy the world, like Freedrock’s, but there are already curses proven to be capable of destroying the world anyway (Durza’s absorption curse)

So generally curse users would mostly win against devil fruit users due to their sheer destructive capabilities and power.

And Arthur the Cursebeard is no joke.

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I’d say it depends since there are a fair amount of dfs capable of the same bs and some curses are just combinations of dfs

However Blackbeard in op can use multiple dfs so it slighty balances out ig

That would depend, most of if not all curse users have INFINITE physical potential, sure there’s your darkness-darkness fruit capable of absorbing an attack but then you realize it’s kind of useless when it’s short ranged.

Now here comes the problem, the moment a curse user realizes a devil fruit’s janky properties he will IMMEDIATELY back away, charge up a crap ton of magical energy and emotional prowess, then boom one island gone, forever.



Elaborate I’m not too familiar with the lore

Don’t you see how every curse user with devastating power seem to follow a route of “enemy has gained advantage over me, panic a little, gain adrenaline, surge the power of your curse, gather up your energy, release said powerful energy”

This can be seen on Durza Vs Theos on his hometown, and on Peacekeeper, King Nero, the fight of curse users on Cassia Bay. Thing is curse users keep destroying island to island when they fight.

Curses make man and curse together, as can be seen on Rupin, the more will power you have, adding onto your skill and knowledge of your curse and your emotions, may result in a nuke-made barrage of blasts.

Not to mention even magic users are capable of this too to an extent, like Admiral Argestes, and curses are the purest from of magic.

Curses on average seem more powerful and less skill based than dfs, the Bomb Bomb fruit is pretty powerful but due to its user it’s wasted while Rupin being an emotional wreck can still use the Fire Curse well. My thought process is that any Curse can be treated like Enel where the user is carried by the power, but not every df can say the same.

Really only Mythical Zoans have the edge but those are extremely rare

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Okay my point summarized in one sentence ignore my posts lol.

Also adding onto a little bit more, did I mention that Arcane Adventure is set in a POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD? This is a prime example of Gods giving power to humans gone wrong, and curses ruined earth.

brook’s fruit, though it can only be used once

So not only do Curse users violate most of the devil fruits they also have the potential to destroy the world government in one fell swoop like it was nothing? Damn, I might be transferring these curses for the straw hats.

Torren who has the Darkflame Curse capable of nuking the entire AO planet:

well, I’d try and make it a fair fight at least. The strongest types of devil fruits, such as logias, mythical zoans, maybe even awakened versions of logias and stuff even though we don’t really know what they do. They could stack up somewhat well until we get to the point where curse users are literally destroying the world with singular attacks and creating the dark sea. Then again, not every curse user is equal to another. Durza using his absorption curse and massive magical mastery would be stronger than, say, Morden and the death curse as of now. It’s a very difficult thing to gauge.

sea curses can kill gods and destroy the world

devil fruits can’t do that

the inner, possibly the whole solar system*

well, we don’t know if a fruit that powerful exists. It could. And not every curse is equal. Some weaker curses gotta scale well with fruits. Not to mention Arthur was capable of killing Promethius before curses even EXISTED. Killing gods doesn’t seem to be a Curse specific feat. Also, wasn’t Durza a super powerful and old mage? Not every curse user, or even curse for that matter, would be capable of mass extinction on that level. On average fruits may be worse, but that doesn’t mean every curse on average is at THAT level.