In your opinion, what would be your preferred server size for AO?

Ideally(if lag wasn’t an issue at all) and pragmatically?

16-24 ppl max, 30 if we’re being extremely bold

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I would want it to be at 35

50 :fr:

bitch wtf you gonna catch covid with a server size of 50



As many people as possible without too much lag.

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I’d settle with 40, maybe even 50

this would be laggy as fuck probably, but the world would feel a bit more alive if we could fit like 8 people on each spawn island, also clan wars would be awesome to watch with like 17 people each

I think 16-24 is reasonable

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20-36 depending on how optimised the game is.

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I remember Vetex saying about this. But im sure it would be
12 or 24 or smth within this range

Hundreds, so it’s as chaotic as possible and I Can continue to safely search the Mind Curse, without anyone noticing.


Imagine 700 player arcane odyssey

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27 players

The servers trying to load hundreds of magics, fighting styles and weapon skills

ice curse better :ice_magic_var1:

Mind Curse > Ice Curse = Mind Magic = Ice Magic

50 maybe