Incorrect Meal Status Effects

What were you doing before bug occurred: Cooking a meal.

Steps to reproduce: Cook an exotic mushroom with a Sun Caraway. If that doesn’t produce the bug, what I did specifically was cook a Sun Caraway, Golden Orange Swiftcap, Golden Sky Pumpkin, and Massive Colossal Squid in a golden cooking pot.

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): Nothing pertaining to this bug.

Pictures/Videos: Here are the ingredients I used, and the result of it.
It made a pie with Energizing IV instead of Energizing V. Somehow, Energizing wasn’t boosted by the Sun Caraway at all. Either that, or the Golden Orange Swiftcap didn’t get any tier buffs from its golden status. Either way, I’m extremely disappointed. Massive Colossal Squids are so hard to come by and I got scammed out of one on a bugged meal.

Also if a game mod could deliver me the correct meal with the correct status effects in exchange for this bugged one, it would mean the world to me. I don’t wanna have to grind for another Massive Colossal Squid :sob:

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