Increase the number of votes you have

Now that suggestions don’t close for 7 days after the last reply, I think it would be a good idea to increase the number of votes a user can spend, as newer suggestions get less votes due to suggestion topics from a week ago still being open, either limiting the community to the most high-quality of suggestions or limiting us to the ones that come around after another suggestion has closed.


I’ll consider this. Your vote limit is the same as your like limit, so I would have to increase the number of likes you could give as well.

An alternative approach is reducing the time suggestions are open.

We could keep the “days since last reply” system to ensure suggestions with active discussions (or overzealous supporters) never close, but reduce it to something like 2 days, so once people lose interest in a suggestion it goes away.

Old suggestions rarely get more votes - discourse doesn’t really advertise threads that don’t have active discussion.
There’s not much point keeping it open for the full 7 days after the last post.


As AnUnnamedBoi pointed out ( was gonna make a post like this aswell ) now that suggestions can stay open for long periods of time, the current vote count; just isn’t enough.

While the forums uses plugins and is as such limited in what it can do.
Is it possible to make it so that votes work like likes?
Meaning you get a certain amount per day?
That would fix the current vote issues.

Of course it’d naturally have to be low like 1 per day.

Or just increasing the amount of likes & votes like you said, would work to.

hell no

why do votes need to be limited :face_with_raised_eyebrow: not like you get likes from someone voting for ur suggestions

so that you cant just click the vote button for every suggestion

I’ve looked into the voting plugin, and I’m not sure that’s true.

It seems to be possible to individually customise the maximum votes of every trust level.
You’d do it from the plugin’s config/settings.yml
On the other hand I might be misunderstanding, since I’m not sure how you’d enable the current behaviour of votes=likes.

thats kind of a non issue tbh

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I made it so that suggestions close after 4 days of inactivity rather than 7 days. This should allow you to get more votes back normally overtime.

Let me know if you still want any more changes.

…Is there a maximum cap tho? Kinda easy to see stuff like the level reset suggestion keep going for a month

They can just be closed by a Leader+ in that case if it is clear that the suggestion won’t be accepted, or if an argument drags on for too long.

I’ve retroactively applied the “4 days since last reply” close to a handful of threads - freed up about 100 votes, so it’s a good start.

Not too keen on this approach though - closing a thread because it’s got too much discussion is the exact opposite of what I want to be doing.

I think a small increase in vote count (or reducing the timer further) would be good. Threads lasting for as long as people are interested in them is the whole point of the new system, running out of votes more easily is the side effect we want to solve.

Done, increased all trust levels’ vote counts by a little bit.

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