Individual Move Colouring

Individual Move Colouring
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I little thing that bugs me when I use magic is that all of my moves have to be the same colour all the time. You pick your magic and colour at the start of the game and that’s what you stick with. I think we should get the ability to change the colours of our individual spells. This may not be good because if your in pvp your opponent may not figure out your magic based on the multiple colours but it’s a simple visual improvement.

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dont see that happening. it doesnt really make sense with the extremely deep lego game lore, makes picking a color variant absolutely useless and half of magics will suffer due to having no color variants

color variants are already useless? it’s a nice cosmetic touch for people who care for that sort of thing

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why would the system bump this.
respectfully i wanted this suggestion to die as it makes no sense.

I’d like to see this option maybe later down the line when our character progresses more, perhaps in tandem to possible future transformations or awakenings

All i know is, I’d love to use more than one variation of Crystal


that sounds like one of the only reasonable times this should be a thing, as it makes sense.

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