Infamy Alt grinding

As a lot of people know, there are people who kill alts to grind infamy. Some people don’t really like that, so a way to counter it could be:
You can’t gain infamy off the same person, say, more than 3 times in a certain amount of time. It would mean that they cant grind all the way to the leaderboard in a small amount of time without actually killing any normal players.

You already can’t get infamy from the same person in the span of 5 minutes.
Unfortunately, such a restriction is still countered by just bringing 2 alts and alternating between which on you kill.

Add a 2 hour cooldown on infamy on the same person (also carries across servers) after killing them 3 times for infamy.


There is one problem about that, they can just make a other alt and farm 3 times for each alt they make

they would have the level the alt to level 30 which takes time

the problem of alts is really annoying

me vibing with 25 level 80 alts:

(i dont use alts to farm infamy im not in a guild please dont shoot me)

bruh, wtf just no. at least 1 hour or 30min

30 minutes makes more sense, gives the person a chance to escape that whole situation while having them not be completely safe for the entire rest of their time in game from X guild.

Also making this occur across that entire guild makes more sense too if that wasn’t already your idea.

Oh I didnt know

do you not have 7 accounts all with 3 files at level 90 already??? Smh noob.

yall concern me-

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