Infamy Question

So like, hear me out
Lets say that theres a clan that everyone actively dislikes, and you and your clan happen to stumblen into a server of them trying to grind infamy.
If there were any other guilds in the server, you could just ask those guilds along with yourself to leave the game, making the hated clan unable to produce infamy
If you were the only other clan in the server, and lost one of your main islands for infamy gain in a territory duel to an opposing clan, whats to stop you from just server hopping out of spite?
Clans cant make infamy unless theres another clan in the server with them
With this in mind
Wouldn’t more passive guilds with many allies and good reputation have the upper hand?

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maybe idk
itll probably not be much of an issue, same thing kinda happens on wom also. guild notices you tryna rk them, so they leave. 10mins wasted

Oh true

Another guild would probably join within a few minutes

isnt that the point

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Yeah thats the reason km not a fan of island capturing, you’ll have massive shitter guilds who make lb simply because they’ve got 300 members

Until you kill them because killing people on islands make the person u killed lose infamy

I thinktit will be solved in bald veyex is unbanned

who would leave the server just cause some random told you to unless its an ally. And if you do have an ally on the server, chances are they will help you or you help them contest all islands from the opposing guild if you hate them so much.


I made a guild for draining other guilds