Infinite T5 luck potion glitch!

Step 1: Get a T5 luck potion
Step 2: Fish
Step 3: Make more T5 potions from the fish
Step 4: Repeat
Step 5: Profit.

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Step 6: Realization

There’s no way this works

what the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel omagad nooooooooooowwayyyyyyyyyyyy

Step 7: cry

if aura potions aren’t limited to 5 people (magic explosions can only hit 5 targets at a time i think), you could get the entire server into the dark sea for massive fish and THEN splash them with luck V

good luck getting dark sea essentia though lol

there will probably also be 10 white eyes attacking the ship because more players in party = more dangerous events happening

IIRC aura potions only hit 1 person

i made t5 dark essentia luck brews(with gold caudron), the goal is me and my clan are going to fill up a server clear the dark sea come back with 50+ chests per person pop t5 dark essentia, good idea or nah?