Ink Magic

Why was Ink magic scrapped and why can’t it be changed into a water magic variation?

I think the main reason was that it didn’t fit the magical vibe of the game. And to answer the variation question, idk.

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Above, plus ink magic was when WoM was supposed to be a fairy tale game.
WoM tends to have the theme of being a fairy tale game, part of the AU and part make a magic(this part didn’t go to badly)
Ink magic just didn’t fit the theme, plus it was just worse water magic

WELCOME TO OUR CLUB - YouTube Welcome to the forums. But I think vetex removed it because it’s not really needed and he won’t because it’s not really water.

If you use ink like me that probably means you’re a fan of god awful magic. Might I suggest crystal magic for when ink gets removed (though it may not be entirely god awful then)

or idk, use whatever magic you want? dude doesnt need to use crystal because they used ink

ink magic doesn’t fit the theme + bad and stupid

You uhh… missed the joke

ur just too soy to believe crystal is best magic

ink being a water variant is actually a good idea

because it was bad

ink shit

Bruh I’m literally gonna use it 🧍