Innocent monster

it all went downhill, will be rewritten at a later time

can someone actually reassign this in the general writing topic?

i feel like I lost the point of the story near the end. this could use a rework, but not now

yo can I make a new story out of this

Okay time to find this person and dispose of this scum

can I have some information on their location so I can non-consentually put them in an exfoiliating bathtub filled with flouroantimonic acid? :angel:

This was a complete failure. Do what you want, but the idea is flawed and disgusting at it’s base, at least from the perspective of me reading this seven hours later.

This will never happen again. I’m not going to write this kind of filth ever again- and that’s more of a promise to myself than to others(not many people care for the writing channel afterall).

the story was trash

come on bro you made him delete something he spent like 4 years on

I deleted it myself.

what was so disgusting about it that it must be deleted forever :sob: