Intensity vs defense (Focus ability)

So, this is what I got from comparing the two:

Base: 968 hp(without anything equipped)

HP after focus: 1317(roughly 1.36x hp increased from 1317/968)

Amount of HP increased : 349

Intensity (only intensity amulet equipped):

Base HP: 968

Number of intensity: 43

HP after focus: 1445(roughly 1.49x hp increased from 1445/968(0.003x increased per 1 intensity) )

Amount of HP increased: 477

Defense (only defense amulet equipped):

Base HP: 1299

Number of defense stat: 331

HP after focus: 1767(roughly 1.83x hp increased from 1767/968) or (roughly 1.36x hp increased from 1767/1299)

Amount of HP increased: 468 (799 hp increased from 968)

968 - 477 = 491 hp increased difference


Iron leg focus ability 1.36x from the base hp. However, intensity add the multiplier up.

In the end, defense is more beneficial than intensity from using focus.

HOWEVER…As your lvl increases, the multiplier would be increasingly important…this means that in the future, intensity would be more valuable when using focus than defense

let me break it down for you:

imagine in the future you would have a base hp of 5000.

18 intensity = 72 hp

now we calculate what would 18 intensity give you

18 x 0.003 = 0.054

5000 x 0.054 = 270 bonus hp

now we calculate the defense

75 x 1.36 = 102 bonus hp

You see how intensity at base hp of 5k would be double the efficiency of defense? That’s why in the near future after about 2nd awakening, intensity is more valuable than defense when using focus

The moment intensity is more valuable than defense is around 1900 base hp

– also, after I made this I realized a bit of a mistake…18 intensity = 72 defense(1:4 ratio)…wouldn’t rlly change much though(1 intensity is still 0.003x and base multiplier is still 1.36) –


You could just use hard Argos for both

could you do intensity vs power, magic size, and attack speed too

I would like that too, however, I got no money…im broke


Iron Leg Health Focus

I second this, it would be really useful info

150 STR/100 VIT Juggernaut, full lion of ravenna (not yet enchanted) with hard defense amulet fair.


if your base hp is over 1.9k hp…then you should have the enchants as intensity instead of hard enchant. However, you should use hard amulet unless you have like 2.4k base hp then intensity amulet is better

Diminishing returns in question:

4k has been breached (old image it’s at 4.3k now, don’t think it can even get higher)


Maybe try mountaineer items, they provide a lot of intensity…more than argos intensity