Interview with a Veteran from Arcade adventure about World of magic's Fishing update

made a commedy about my self


this is not right

image :point_right::fishing_pole_and_fish: :robot:

I feel silly for complaining about sunken rates now lmao.
All I have to do is write 12 lines in python, make some alts, and get a multi-client program so I can get a piece every hour.

Botting and economic hyperinflation ftw!
I’ll be set for the rest of the game after just a day! :sunglasses:

game becoming like sb2 but instead they allow it. PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO

Dang this gave me my daily dose of laughter

dang the subtitles fit perfectly that’s some good subtitling.

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good video I laughed

the only roblox game that ever had good admins were those free admin games where i can unadmin everyone else

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hook us up with the code : D

this was so funny LMAO

nice one, made me laugh.

This video is Harmless and funny
Hope it doesn’t get taken down :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Straight up laughed half of the video. It’s perfect.

20 likes, so far it’s the most liked post in this category while im replying to my own post or i just missed someone’s post which has more than 19 likes

Amazing, I love it

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lmao wonder what those admins are doing rn

hahahahahahahaha that was pretty"breaks back down into laughter, gimme a sec… hahahah, aight i’m fine now" good :+1:

almost 24 hours with 30 likes, at least i’ve manage to get a reward hah, thank ya all

this made me haha. I approve.