Introduce Yourself! Adiris!

Hi everyone! My name is Adiris! It’s my first time on the forums! I hope to have great and friendly relations on the forums! Since I have not read the rules are politics allowed on the forum cause I wanna make memes about sloppy joe Biden.


politics are a big no no here sadly

also @ThatOneGuy come on and do your job

Aww :frowning_face:

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Top 10 smoothest first impressions


here read these

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:flushed::flushed: Politics?/?? BAn!Nq!!1!

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nothing wrong was done here sussy-baka

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Grrr he isn’t the reincarnation of Bob Ross! Off with his head! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::scream::smiling_imp:

I wanna raid islands in Arcane Odyssey :explosion_magic:

we are making a horrible first example for the new forumer

pls can we be more mature? I promise cookies btw

professional detected

It’s fine really it’s fine it’s actually hilarious I love the forums already

glad you like us

protip: stay away from rake

Who is that

I tend to be a bad example to anyone in a 48 kilometer radius of me. I’m also a biological hazard reported as the cause of several 2nd degree burns from looking at my face and my character lore.

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Some questions are better left unanswered… :sleeper:

What about Neko

Idk but Rake is a femboy I guess idk

All I know is that his pfp is an anime trap

Also, welcome to the forums