Introducing Players to the Way They're Expected to Level

Introducing Players to the Way They're Expected to Level
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once you are declined can you reaply or something cuz I need to get my ideas out there thats the only reason I have this trello account

anyway g’night

I agree with the idea, however i have some critisism about the proposal.

i don’t have any critisism about the first proposal, however for the second proposal I’d say that instead of using frostmill for the diving spot introduction, it’d be better to use sailor’s lodge for it.
I believe so since one will have more stamina for swimming and be capable of defeating any potential sharks. Another argument is that one has access to a lot of ways to level up before sailor’s lodge (side quests, treasure charts, exploration&completion)
For the brewing part: you are forced to create a potion on cirrus island if u want to continue the story, while the brewing practice is only taught when you’re at sailor’s lodge, which isn’t logical so there could be some rework there, but there is no need to have it occur earlier. I believe it doesn’t have a need to occur earlier since you will have basically no items to work with to brew, and it’s basically not very useful early on.

I don’t have any critisism on the treasure chart quest (if u mean to put it within enizor’s quest chain), except for the location. unless you force it to be on one of the outer floating icebergs i’d say it’s better to pick a different island for this quest since frostmill is too big to begin searching for treasure with charts.

the impact this would have to the proposed quest line is:
step 1-5 would be given by the dude wo also introduces you to brewing, while step 3 would simply have a different location.
step 8 would have restrictions on the location.

for how one would be introduced to brewing items, perhaps someone at cirrus can give that (perhaps forced) quest, instead of the forced (premature) brew a potion quest.

No more level 50s at Calvus :pray:

W (3 chars)

meanwhile fishing and cargo (i hate cargo):
although there shouild probably be an indicator that says you cant sell cargo or gunpowder barrels found from an island to that islands shipwright

However brewing is introduced, it needs to be introduced at the same time as diving.
The player needs to associate brewing with diving or they’ll be confused why they don’t have enough air to do anything in diving spots.

I want it all at connected to enizor’s quest chain because that’s as early on in progression as I reasonably can.
These are the ways players are expected to level so the knowledge required to do these things should be given to the player immediately.

the treasure chart doesn’t strictly have to lead to frostmill, it could also be on any of the other nearby islands… except darkpine because that’d be way too easy.
(I mean cmon they’re being given a marking scroll for the specific purpose of being able to reliably complete treasure charts on islands that aren’t darkpine)


do yk why you are the best suggester?

We going to foster a generation of inquisitive and adventurous individuals with this one :speaking_head::fire::fire::fire:

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honestly all I do is go when it comes to writing suggestions around and look for issues and try to write up ways to solve them.
sometimes I’m inspired by certain things but most of the time I just think “wow this is an issue that’s actively hurting the game, lets see if I can make a solution”

I wrote that entire quest section as I went, I was originally going to make it a bunch of different quests but realized that attaching it all to a quartermaster every player is inevitably going to want would make it all harder to miss and also make way more sense for the enizor questline than him apparently needing watermelons for his research into the philosopher stone or whatever he’s doing.

Very good suggestion. Implement immediately

So true… i’ve had to help 3 different people wh9 ended up facing calvus at less than lvl 90

while we’re on this subject can we rework Gunpowder Barrels somehow? they genuinely feel worthless and not worth the risk of carrying it on your ship

you get to play clash royale with it (miner wall breakers)

I just had an idea, what if the cirrus island treasure chart quest also gave you a randomized chart for cirrus island with a few predetermined locations instead of just the one.
obviously without the hints like “between a rock and a tree” because those don’t exist in treasure charts while also offering up normal treasure chart loot instead of a handful of useless galleons.

hell, we could go a step further and possibly allow players to obtain sky island treasure charts if they’re in sky islands without having their inventory filled with useless normal treasure charts during that story section (and vice versa, obviously)
(cloudy armor or whatever the modifier would be called gives agility maybe???)

(for this there would also need to be a locksmith or whatever on cirrus to open sealed chests lol)


Sure, why not?

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