Introducing the Bella Graves Plushie

I am proud to announce that I have finally made my very own Bella Graves Plushie! If you would like to buy this plushie, the link is provided here!

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I would like to credit @BNTarwarn for helping me create this timeless piece of art. We hope you enjoy!

In fear of being rick rolled I refuse to click on the link.

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its not a rickroll but its equally cursed

I can assure you this is not a rickroll.

I’m definitely not clicking on it then.



@trust_level_3 Come see this timeless piece of art!

what. its a plushie squid??

lol. I don’t rickroll anymore.
shit my rickroll link failed

it’s just a plushie octopus Imao

Oh ok

you guys are apes


d-did she get hentacle tentai’d???

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