Iris and morden useful?

so uhh we all know in the first 2 chapters are gonna include iris and morden, right? but, are they actually gonna be useful bc im thinking that you can get the option to have either morden and iris fight along side you (at the cost of being defeated if their health is all gone), and that you can also give them gear like how you can with deckhands except they actually effect their stats. please make this happen vetex bc i really want the other characters to join the fight with the players.

Would be cool, but maybe hard to implement, unless Vetex does something like with how npc ships can attack eachother. Otherwise would be very cool

Morden quartermaster when?

didnt vetex already do that with edward kenton?

You’re right, actually. I forgot about that. Well then since its already possible then sure Vetex could pretty easily add this in. The only problem will be following you, since unless they teleport whenever you get to far, theyd get stuck behind terrain probably. This wasnt an issue with Edward Kenton, since silverhold is a flat area.

Edward uses about 2 abilities in the entire quest, he doesn’t really do much fighting.

from a power standpoint morden doesnt really make sense bc if morden beat julian and julian is way above calvus then hed be really op to have as a combat ally

He could still be weakened from his fight with Julian. It is pretty clear that he got injured pretty badly if he had to sleep for that long.

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This would be really cool but like it’s definitely never gonna get added

If it did get added, I rather have neviro team up with us for a segment in the story

his hitbox is just his foot. if something hits anywhere else it goes through him but if something hits the piece of glass it cuts his foot off and he dies

Morden the user of the death curse vs one shard of glass who will win?

he’ll probably have to severely hold back when fighting with us or just dont join the fight at all

he mentions that hes not very experienced with the curse yet so fighting alongside with us might cause us some unwanted (very lethal) friendly fire

If we do join a fight, I hope it’s in a closed but wide area, think of a colosseum or Munera Garden. This way they would just need to have Morden and/or Iris aggro against whoever we’re fighting, no need to worry about how they’ll follow you, MC can’t just stay back and let them do the fighting, and give a good reason as to why Morden/Iris would fight alongside you, since Morden is still weakened from his fight against Julian, and Iris is still currently in training to control her magic better.

As you have seen, without Iris and Morden MC cannot get out of any situation that does not require brute strength.

Even if they are slightly dumb they’re the brains of the team (excluding Neviro lol) the MC can be quite oblivious sometimes.

Solving problems using brute force has been a staple of the MC from AA to AO, most solutions/quests has been brawn over brain.

other players can attack and kill your edward it might break something

Yeah the only quests we do apart from “kill something” is “find something” and a couple times “cook something”. Sadly not much thay shows the intelligence of the MC.

If I were to use one image to summarize the MC, it’d be this:

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Like everytime I’ve done the quest Edward has gotten stuck on the boat so Silverhold mightn’t be an issue but the boat is