Iris The Anomaly

this is my 2nd take on her, literally took 7 hours on the first take which i scrapped, and this one took 8 hours, i believe it was worth it


cool art,but you know the rule,now explode her with nuclear bomb

i feel dumb but i genuinely don’t know what you mean by that

she looks super cool in your style !!

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rule that we all should hate iris, bro

i genuinely don’t hate her though, i legitimately felt bad for her story and sympathise with her lmao

thanks man, i was having a stroke making the skirt

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i just think it’s dumb how she wanted to melt whole island and kill many people cuz her father was abducted by ravenna,not those people.

if you think about it she’s a person who recently just turned into an adult, her whole village and family was abducted and executed, and she literally has no one, and as far as we’ve seen shes an emotionally sensitive person with anger issues, when something as horrifying as losing your entire village happens, you can’t think straight and end up doing stupid or radical things, that’s literally what happens to alot of people irl from what I’ve studied in human psychology.

so basically imagine being a girl who just turned 18, you’re emotionally sensitive and you got anger issues, your whole village, everyone you’ve ever known just kidnapped like that, you’d have an insane amount of grief and anger, and emotions can cloud judgement, and since shes emotionally sensitive and she has no one, she doesn’t know what to do, and there is no one to comfort her, she will obviously fall to her emotions and sometimes emotions will cause you to do some stupid shit because you can’t think straight.

and I’m not saying that it justifies the ice cap melting, it doesn’t, but she implied that she never really planned on harming them, just trying to catch the ravenna realm’s attention, and she did help liberate revanna in the end.

i only hate her because she looks dumb

Immature + Anger Issues + Emotional Sensitivity + Losing Entire Family + Magical Prodigy

surely nothing bad will happen.

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shes gonna commit arson to redwake

Precisely lmao

she doesn’t have a reason to, the only reason why she targeted frost mill was to catch the attention of the ravenna realm.

it would be funny if she did arson redwake (redwake is just a plate of wood)