Iron magic, is extremely sus

The hell?

Iron is god tier poggers.

I swear, with a speed/defense/power hybrid build, iron is a fucking monster.

I wore a:

Hard iron armor

Hard iron boots

Hard wizard hat

Powerful power amulet

Swift magic speed amulet

With this build, iron literally gives people the biggest skill issues.

Its actually amazing, great clash, amazing damage, and it is s p h e r i c a l.

Ppl rage at this and you can spam self explosion to kill da gankerz.

Made a lightning user rq when I killed him, what a fucking tool.

Sure it’s slow, but like I said, magic speed exists.

Gotta love this shit bro, ice is fun too, but ima mess around with iron more.

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Ima try this setup with my ice alt and see how good I can make ice

hard enchantment is just meta right now though.
almost anything can be stupid with enough tankiness.

Imma try this with earth lool.

just use sunken instead

e x p e n s i v e

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