Ironport Zoologist: Zackary Grey

Zackary would walk through the gates of Ironport, Appling to be a citizen there, the man would ask him several questions.

“Any food in there?”

“Any livestock?”

“Any white powder?”

Zackary would interrupt.

The man concluded asking him questions.

He let Zackary into the town. He carried his large suitcase as his blue overcoat would flail around. He settled down in his a rented apartment, and opened the suitcase, a small mouse/raccoon hybrid (Animal name: Ramose) came out of the suitcase and smuggled Zackary. In the morning, he would apply for the zoologist and would be successful for he had been doing so over at Bell Village.

The previous man who worked as Zoologist was replaced by Zackary.

“You have lost several animals, and sold them to dark wizards, the penalty is prison!”
The guard arrested the man as his screams grew fainted as they carried him, Zackary would avoid eye-contact and look rather saddened.

“What’s the matter brunette?”
The mayor would tell Zackary.

“Is it possible that the animals could be rescued?”
Zackary said unclearly.

“They could be anywhere, Zack.”
The Mayor told him.

“However, if you manage to find them I would boost your rank up to Special class and reward you 1k galleons, good luck trying though.”
The Mayor considered.

Zackary, having heard this was rather exited about hearing this. 2 hours later, he would pack his gear in his suitcase, carry his Mouse on his shoulder and began to track the animals. He would approach Riverville and then went down onto the floor and licked the ground.

“The ocean’s wrath?!”
One of the citizens looked in disgust and quickly covered his children’s view from the odd man.

“This is the spot.”
Zackary claimed.

He pulled out a jar of glowing, yellow dust and surrounded himself in it and began having a vision of where the animal had been taken, he had seen three men guiding a Pufffine (A special type of parrot that can shoot quills) with bait into the town of Riverville. Zackary would walk into that exact town of Riverville and began searching for clues, he saw 3 rainbow coloured quills that were impaled on a wall, he concluded that the Puffine was in the town’s storage area.

Zackary would explore cautiously throughout the entire area, looking at exotic spices and foods, but no animals, he then saw 2 men dressed in all black who surrounded the bird in a cage. Zackary quickly hide behind the crates, and said to his mouse companion.

He whispered.

The mouse began speeding through the crates creating large scratching noises on the right side, while Zackary quickly went to his left as the Dark Wizards looked for the source, he had collected the Puffine, and began running with the mouse climbing back on Zackary’s shoulder.

The Dark Wizards however saw him at the last second and the chase ensued. Both Dark Wizards began hovering after Zack, shooting Sand, and Wood magic at him. Zackary managed to lose their sight and cleared the sand out of his hair.

“Where did these guys come from?!”
Zackary scratched the sand out with his nails, the mouse would go onto his hair and pick out the sand particles.

Zackary had said to his companion.

One of the dark wizards found Zackary and shot 5 sand blasts at Zackary, wounding him to the point of not moving, before the Wizard could finish the job, the Puffine would shoot out quills, stabbing the Wizard.

“I may want to tell you but…the first, mild symptoms include…feather’s spewing throw your ears.”
Zackary informed the Wizard.

The Dark Wizard’s ear were excreting many feather at once, causing him to scream and run away.

The wood wizard turned the tree Zackary was up against into multiple wooden spikes, Zackary would quickly dodge out of the way with the animals following close aside him. However, despite his efforts, one of the spikes would stab into his leg causing his to trip over.

“Scream for me!”
The Wizard claimed.

Zackary yelled in a sort of call of a dragon…oh wait.

A massive yellow dragon appeared, snatched the Dark Wizard and threw him into the running rivers. Zackary would scratch the head of the dragon before he grabbed the animals, placed him onto his lap and rode the dragon back to Ironport.

“Well done, Zackary, you’ve found the Puffine and placed him back into its cage, you’ve have been promoted to Special Class and rewarded 1k galleons.”

Zackary would smile despite his introvertly personality as the crowd cheered him on.

Zackary and Alastair are two of three characters that would be brought into the Summerhold series soon down the road, stay tuned to found out about the third character.