Is a full exiled set (All Armor & Sword and Shield) worth a sunken sword (any enchant)?

The question is in the title.

I’m not trading it, just asking

It would be worth a swift and hard, not a clean or strong.

wait so you give them full exiled and they give sunken any enchant… I mean for hard or MAYBE clean idk

clean is worth more than hard and swift

yeahhh im not very invested in the trade market so i dont really know shit about sunken items i mean ik what they do and how good they are just i dont really know their value besides for best value thing in market rn is sunken sword

Wait, “And”. Are you saying it’s worth 2 sunken?

no we meant strong>clean>swift>hard

Replying to double, but still helps

anyways in my opinion, i would be surprised if you can even get a hard sword with a full exiled set thats completely clean

tbh, hard and swift should get a buff since they kinda bad compared to strong. hard should have the blade length become longer, and swift should make the cooldown for abilities shorter

swift already makes the stam cost 33% less which is cool and probably useful later on (its pretty good for oath tbh

nah. Sunken Sword rising tide is kinda useless imo compared to the Vastira or Oathkeeper.

exiled set is pretty good i think

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