Is a Sunken Iron Helmet and 2 Sunken Iron Chestplates worth a Sunken Warrior Chestplate?

I want a Sunken Warrior Chestplate and I have 2 Sunken Iron Helmets and 2 Sunken Iron Chestplates.

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sunken warrior = sunken iron
anybody that asks for any more than 1 chestplate and 1 helmet is scamming you.

they’re both the same rarity gotten by the same method and give the same stat balance, the only thing warrior has over iron is being newer and being better vanity.

unfortunately most people dont think this way

realistically all sunken pieces are equal to eachother, but people insist sunken iron is low value

not to mention people are are slaves to The Galleon and take all values on it as gospel, further fermenting the idea that sunken iron is worthless

like…why is sunken warrior chest double the value of sunken iron chest? it makes no sense…

to answer OP’s question, dont trade 3 sunkens for one sunken
but if you must, id say do 1 si helm and 1 si chest for the sw chest

someone doesn’t understand the law of supply and demand
there is a high supply for si stuff, just check the marketplace, but nobody wants to buy it since attack speed is the meta and the value amongst traders for sunken iron has been considerably falling for a variety of reasons
on the other hand, since a lot need it for their builds sw can be in low supply but it has high demand since it gives attack speed which is meta


there is supply and demand and then there is overpricing

its expected sw will be a bit more expensive but its outrageous to think its more than double the value of si items, considering they are all equally rare and same chance to get

once again the disastrous consequences of The Galleon are seeping

they are all equally rare but people still want sw more. try trading any piece of si for anything and you’ll find it very hard or impossible, that’s why i and many others don’t want it anymore
i do agree though that shit on the ao market can be overpriced by a lot. that’s not the galleon doing it it’s just traders trying to flip their stuff to earn more money. they’re kids what do you expect

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Youre ignoring how theres WAY less sunken warrior than sunken iron in the game and how most people prefer attack speed over size.

So this is straightup cap

Thats only how an ideal world would work

Heres your answer ^^^

Equally rare? I can tell you for 100% certain that the supply of sw stuff is half if not less of the supply of si stuff. Youre right about the drop rates but thats it. Sure the galleon isnt always accurate but the reason for this value diff isnt even the galleon’s fault. In fact, most active traders in vetcord dont even use the galleon list

well like I said.
they have the exact same stat distribution, the exact same rates, the exact same everything.
sunken warrior only has a few advantages in being new and looking cooler.

I get the feeling that more sunken items have been caught in the last 4 months than were caught across the entirety of the TGR period or maybe even WoM before that.
The numbers will even out.

there is no way to know this…although i guess your point is that there is a higher supply of sunken iron pieces than sunken warrior pieces, which is most likely true.

however, consider the fact that now, more people are hardcore fishing for sunkens than in the past, and all sunkens are equally rare, both sunken irons and sunken warriors are being caught.

pretty much this

there is no way to tell, but take a look in the marketplace in the vetcord. every single trade with an “nlf” puts sunken iron. i still stand by the belief that the ridiculous values on the The Galleon certainly influenced people into thinking sunken iron is worthless

anyways, again, no, do not trade 3 sunken pieces for 1 sunken piece, its asinine, at most do 2 for 1 if you really want it

Ain nobody gon do it

Its the stats that matter at the end of the day everyone wants atk spd rn and nobody wants size

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you dont need to repeat yourself, ive read your comment. Your arguments still dont change the fact that sunken warrior has both less supply and more demand than sunken iron for the reasons ive already stated on top of the advantages you mentioned.

i doubt that tbh. Why? because wom had loads of players fishing (macroing or in a normal way) when sunkens were added, and people had more than 2 years (nearly even 3) to get sunkens in wom so the number of sunkens caught in wom is prolly still a very high amount. Then you also have to consider how ao, on release, had 100k players and has had at least 1k concurrent players at nearly all times before sunken warrior even released. Furthermore your point literally also proves why sunken iron demand is so low: the already decent supply of sunken iron became overabundant :sob:

edit to this point: sunken warrior hasnt even been out for 4 months yet. The update came out on the 10th of November which is nearly 3 months ago at the time of writing this

Though you do bring up a good point which is already starting to be seen in the economy:

Sunken warrior’s value rn is already way lower than it was upon its release and it will only continue to drop until its near or perfectly equal with sunken iron. Itll take some time but at some point itll happen

there is. Sunken iron has been out since wom, sunken warrior has not. That already justifies saying that theres WAY more sunken iron than sunken warrior in the game. Wom had like 10k players when sunkens were released and ao upon release had like 100k. Not to mention that both games had very stable player counts of above 1k players for most of their lifetimes. On top of all that, sunken iron and sunken warrior have the same rates so although its not correct to assume that equally as many sunken iron pieces as sunken warrior pieces were caught, you can still roughly accept said premise.

youre literally proving that both of their supplies are steadily going up, therefore there wont be too much of a difference in the difference of supply between si and sw stuff

pls read this ^^^^^

there is, ask them. Ive seen SO many active and rich traders tell me that they dont use the galleon list for their trades. Hell theres even people who say “dont use a valuelist when discussing a trade with me” in their trade messages.

i cant deny that the galleon does influence people into thinking sunken iron is worthless but the reason the galleon even started influencing people to do that is because the market saw sunken iron as useless. The market influences the galleon which then influences the market somewhat. Ofc the galleon is not 100% accurate (not even 60% accurate imo) because of their slow and annoying valuelist update policy but they are correct about sunken iron’s value decrease. Sunken iron simply dropped in value before the galleon even changed their sunken iron values

this i do agree with. Altho its not “at most 2” but at minimum 2. 1-1 trades simply do not happen because sunken warrior is atleast twice as valuable as sunken iron and thats also simply a fact in the marketplace

that, and the fact that theres way less sunken warrior than sunken iron

the main reasons I think that more sunkens have been caught in the last 4 months than all of pre-AO is simply because of the dark sea update making them so much more common alongside the much larger playercount.

we’ve gotten: the removal of bait, substantially better fishing enchants, buffed luck potions, and more accessible luck potions.

If I had to guess, nimbus sea will also most likely include even better fishing rods ontop of everything else, but we aren’t there yet lol.
The value of sunkens will very inevitably continue to drop as time progresses, new and old sets alike.

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economics: sunken iron has been out longer so there is more supply and less demand, sunken warrior has been out shorter so less supply and more demand. sunken warrior > sunken iron

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Although it is very much possible that youre correct since 3 months of infinite bait, better fishing enchants and luck potions definitely generated a lot of sunkens i still do doubt it. But my reasons for doubting that are still the same so i wont be repeating myself. Your argument is definitely a fair argument but it still doesnt change the outcome of this discussion.

But yeah i do agree with this ^
new sets that are as good as si or sw will still spike in value for some time but then theyll drop to si and sw value at some point too

Yeah sunken iron has been around since wom

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I’m just going to interject with this and say that according to the Galleon, Sunken items, which take dozens to hundreds of hours of regular fishing, or several hours of luck grinding to acquire, are worth almost the same as a single powerful scroll.

It’s an absolute fiesta, feels more like a shoe-horned attempt at market control then any actual measure of Time & Labor = Value like most game economies.

But, Sunkens being more easily acquired by regular players is fine by me.

SI is just that shit. Theres no practical use for it anymore. There is no reason to buy or hold onto it