Is an azure flame + crystal path build on deepwoken possible?


this is like the worst build you could do

so it is possible… but trash…

eh time to waste a save on dis

azure flame isnt even a path. The flamecharm path is eruption it makes a lava eruption under your opponent every time you set someone on fire.

anything is possible i just dont think it would work…

The points you need into the current meta stats will be missing

will lava serpent and glass path be possible?

yeah its possible you will be lacking points though

wt if i have autodidact, extra 59 points

it’s entirely possible and potentially viable w/ azure crystalization, but like, why do both when u can make either of them really strong on their own?


for lava and crystalization, it would be hellla wack in terms of functionality but it can happen

for azure and crystalization it can also happen here too w/ the added bonus of akira ring and what not ig

but it all comes down to the statement above, why do both when u can make either of the two good if not better than them being combined.

interesting path and all but like u can do regular burning and ice’s slowing effect and what not which would be a better alternative than crystalization. or better yet have ice’s slowing effect and lava serpent or whatever

can also easily flip around points to what u want too but this is me just putting points into what i usually want at all times in build and to see if it’s possible to do it in the first place

viability and functionality come second after the first placement of points and what not

Edit: also don’t get me started on the potential use of hero blades bro there’s a lot of points to have spare with hybrid attunements.

autodidact doesnt give you extra points it just gives you one point every level which you can invest without having to use training tools but it still goes off of your 5 investment points per level

i died… wna maybe help me survive the trial… IK ITS ONLy 2 SHARKOS BUT I SUCK AT PVE,

if u reach lvl 60 without ever putting a point in, u have 59 points.

so technichally it is extra points

no but you cant use those points since you have no more points to level up at level 60. All autodidact does is make it so that you don’t need stat related exp to level up but you still need level exp which makes you level faster but it doesn’t give you more points. Its best to use it in the early game don’t save up autodidact because after a certain level it becomes much harder to get level up exp and easier to get stat exp so autodidact becomes useless

wts the certain level.

wts usually the certain level.

it depends on where you level up but usually from level 1-30 it is much easier to get level exp than stat exp so autodidact is really good. from level 30-40 it depends on where you level up. From 40-60 the amount of level exp you need is a lot more so it becomes easier to get stat exp than level exp so autodidact is useless. Try to use autodidact points before you get to level 40