Is anybody else aiming for themed builds?

I see a lot of people talking about running into Metamages or something similar, but I think it’s more fun to stick with a certain theme, even if your Magics go against each other interaction-wise. I’m personally planning for a Thunderstorm-themed build on my main file, with Wind being my initial third Magic before replacing it with Storm.

i’m making a blackhole

For my Reindhart Tarven file I’m going for a post-apocalyptic desert bounty hunter.

If I can get my hands on a grey or dark green cape it’d make him perfect, but for now he just wears a brown tunic with a cowboy hat, and occasionally wears a green hood.

Yea I got a few characters that are themed especially since some are based on Real or Fictional Characters. Got a Strength only character that is suppose to be Niko Bellic from GTA4, Billy Mays which uses Ice and Sailor Fist, then I just got some random crazy looking character that uses Poison

Make shit explode with my literal fist and occasionally wrestling moves.

sounds awfully similar to a certain crazy looking character that uses poison that I created…

shadow darkness death

With my mage, I guess I was originally going for a theme of “things vaguely like water, but not water at all”, for the magics. I’m not sure if that still works with how I picked a different second magic, but I can still go with “only blue magics”, probably. Or I might go back to my previous choice, if I feel like it once doing so is available more frequently than once per major update.
My other characters aren’t exactly themed, but I’m not following the meta either, as far as I know.
(If one of my builds is meta, it’s an accident, or the meta changing to match the build, probably)

You can dye the cape from ellius. It looks way better than every other cape

im going for a storm themed mage build myself, but with some optimisation with magics like: lightning, water and wind for 3rd
then with lost hope for storm and blizzard

My second and third files are themed! Toshiko/Miku is a tourmaline warlock with the crystals as a way to match the song she was based on (Cinderella the Thief, she steals ‘pretty things’ there)
George in the other hand is based on George Westinghouse, inventor of the train air brakes and later on contributed to the development of electricity alongside Nikola Tesla and his other employees, so he’s planned to be a wind-lightning conjurer

ngl why do i feel like this is an excuse to metamance :sob:

I don’t plan on using iron leg on Miku lol
I wanna try a fs that I’m not using on my main

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