Is anyone else having ping problems in supposedly local servers?

Even though I always make sure the servers I’m in are USE or United States East (since that’s where I live) my ping averages around 300ms, even though in other games I play when it’s a close region server, my ping is always under 100ms.

Thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an EU server, and if I’m on one of those I tend to get the 300ms. I think whatever Vetex is using to classify regions thinks that Europe is just more of east USA


my ping can usually be low in my respective region (USE) but i spike a lot might be due to my end though using wire-less

i also managed to run into an EU server with my guild for training and ping was low as well but with more minimal spikes

in some servers yes, and in some servers no. I only have this problem like once a week in very small servers where nobody joins, but I’m not sure if that matters

maybe it’s your internet, try run ping test by using cmd while playing the game

first time?

Ngl I have the same issue, I play on eu servers and still have about 500 ping. Its really annoying cause I never get below 300 ever and it makes pvp unplayable

Though I hope it’s fixed in ao since I can get better ping in ar

just remember this simple rule when it comes to latency:
blame ROBLOX, not the devs.

Half a second of ping on top of how the game deals with it… halfa second of input lag on your abilities, pain.

input lag happens very frequent for me and it is hard not to smash my pc any time it happens

What really sucks is that the input lag only effects abilities and things added by the game so your movement is fine but your abilities aren’t. Unless you’re pre inputting attacks before you jump off the ground you are on the ground by the time the circle forms. It hurts.

not even, it takes 5 seconds for my WASD to register