Is anyone's grab attacks not working?

Every time I land a grab attack, it would only deal the first hit. (i.e. tiger rush only slices them once, rush only hits them once and snares only hit them once).
It would just stop after the first hit and doesn’t deal the full damage.
Is this happening to anyone else? It’s been happening to me for a while.
(It might be a PVE issue, I haven’t tested it on players yet)

ive had the same issue :sob:

it’s hilarious that Snare is now the best and most consistent grab, oh how the tables have turned

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Ah, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one.

yeah, my tiger rush and brutal rush just dont even work lol.

Yeah, I’ve been noticing it too, but only on Rushdown.

for me it has mostly been happening on npcs and not real people

it happens on NPCs all the time and im pretty sure the reason is they literally block the second hit of your grab which cancels it

NPC blocking just went from dumb to dumber