Is ardent siren bow still good for non wep builds?

In a recent change that is currently unreleased (1.16.2) All ranged basic attacks were changed to deal 50% more base damage (with the power stat scaling going down to 70% and the dmg against npc’s raised to 70% from 50%). With these changes in mind, Will I, as a mage, be able to use the ardent siren bow to easily farm bosses like how it was before? (I missed it)

Um i think vetex still has to update the game idk if all the changrs in the trello are active yet
I might be wrong thoe someone confirm whether not tis is true

No, since the power stat scaling is affected by the build damage multiplier (meaning you’ll always deal low damage with ranged m1s if they aren’t part of your build).

full sentence
It was so ez to farm calvus with ardent siren bow…

Ardent is bugged anyways and does nothing but decrease damage.
Swift also does nothing on weapons.

Really? How?

its been like this for awhile, it fails to increase the speed at all

This isn’t true; the enchants have always increased speed.

Just base speed affinities didn’t work (they instead worked in reverse).

But aren’t enchants such as ardent bugged right now, for weapons?