Is cannon fist actually any good?

Cannon fist is probably the least talked about FS, since its aboslute dogwater, ive tried to use it to attack ships but all that does is make the pirate crew attack me, and even If I do use it to sink ships and it actually works It won’t count as sinking a ship and I just wasted my time, tried using it in pvp and it was medicore, so is there actually any way into making this FS good?

yes it’s good
use grapeshot on another player

it’s probably not the best, but it’s a good side FS

I kinda wanna turn it into my main FS because I think throwing cannon balls at enemy ships was funny but since it doesn’t count as sinking a ship idk

a savant player with cannon fist 2 tapped me with grapeshot when i wasn’t paying attention

I might go with it as my main but idk what kind of build im supposed to make for such a goofy style

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