Is Carina a Berserker or Juggernaut?

She uses one fighting style, which seems to be Basic Combat, and in her second phase she somehow gets constant health regeneration, though that is likely a fighting style ability as we don’t see her wielding any spirit weapons.

I personally believe she’s a Juggernaut, for a few reasons. A big theme in her combat dialogue is durability and outlasting, which doesn’t make sense for Berserkers who typically play a reckless, rushdown-type build. She also has 2500 health, as opposed to her brother who only has 1200 to my memory. We don’t know which one of them is older, but it’s safe to assume they’re of similar age, and were both trained by their father, Lord Ulricus.

Carina’s gear doesn’t give any defense, so her health must be purely from her level/stats. If they’re both of similar age and trained by the same person, why would Carina be double Elius’ level? That’s an excessively large gap, even if she was much more dedicated to training than Elius was, I don’t think it would be a difference of 2 times. So I believe her superior health is because of Vitality.

Another thing… If her high health was because she’s a much higher level than Elius, why would she deal so little damage? Her attacks are honestly weak, it’s not what I’d expect of a Berserker, especially since she’s wearing Power gear. I may be reading too much into it since her damage needs to be well-balanced, but it’s pretty much canon regardless, so I think it is highly likely her damage output was reduced by Vitality.

  • Berserker
  • Juggernaut

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she’s simply better


This isn’t evidence but I think it would be neat: If Carina is a juggernaut, she’d form a sort of duality with her brother. Elius has magic and weapons, Carina has strength and vitality. Each have a different 2 of the 4 stats. I think it’d make sense for Ulricus to have influenced them into those builds. When they’re together, they cover all bases, making for a powerful duo. It’s a shame they ended up in different ranks of the Order, if they were together when the player fought them then maybe they could’ve won.

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