Is DROWNED Deluxe Iron Armor the BETTER Sunken?




ok wow, didnt expect that

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that seems worse to me, but ig depends on if you want more armor or more attack size

Hear me out drowned sunken

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apparently doesn’t exist according to tester

I don’t like how this is better sunkens while being 100 times less rare

i don’t see it. while i do agree that it’s too closely in stats for smth much more common, i still think sunken is better

I did the math, sunken is better by 11 Defence if you make the size into defence

still think it’s kinda moreso a scenario of what you want more.

but yeah it shouldn’t be like that for items very far apart in rarity

apparently vetex forgot to nerf it :skull:

Funny thing is I got it from the first cargo I opened

see I said that these modifiers were gonna make other armor pieces viable

I’d rather extra attack size it’s still good thoe

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