Is it against the rules to be in multiple guilds?

I am in pretty much every major guild (Noble, Lotus, Latom, Suncry, you name it) and even some minor guilds and miscellaneous ones. For every single guild I have used a different alias with a different discord account and on a different Roblox account. Is this against the rules or can I keep going?

Almost certainly keep going

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Oml, this makes me nervous. You could be a double-triple-quadruple-quintuple-smth spy and no one would know until it’s too late. The thing with being in more than one guild is that you can’t guarantee that the guilds you belong to won’t enter a war. Then what will you do? How can you stay neutral in that event? How can you remain loyal to all the guilds you’re part of? Unless you’re simply not loyal to any guilds, then it could be viable


I have several counter measures and alibis already in plan and in motion if necessary. But if my hand is forced, I will quit the weaker guild in favor for the stronger one if they decide to go to war. My cover must not be blowned.

Oh, geez. You’re making me even more nervous, ahahah.


proof you’re in noble?

Honestly, I rather you doubt me than believe me. I have nothing to prove as I have already won infiltrating everyone.

that is the worst lie ive ever heard

If saying that helps you cope, then sing on little birdie.

i dont know if you’re trying to act cool or seem cocky, but eitherway its not working

It was a reference of something from the Noble disc server lol. But I think it went over your head because I made it really vague.


Like I said, I made it purposely vague. It’s not an exact reference. But I am afraid if I say too much, my cover will be blown. Also update your discord.

you’re trying too hard to not be retarded arent you

we dont accept randoms, you gotta remember that. If you think you’re cool for being in multiple guilds n shit, go ahead but dont get angry when people disbelieve you

Noble is not that tight-knit considering I managed to get in lol. I bullshitted my way through and no one batted an eye. Still, I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I was just wondering if this broke any rules, I still never got an answer but whatever. Believe what you want to though.

nah jumbo is in noble, one of our best members. idk what you’re talking about tbh

damn bro…

oh i remember you, you’re our cum bucket

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