Is it just me, or are the reputation penalties for PVP way too low?

Title. Good reps can just pull up and kill other good reps without facing any meaningful consequences, which completely goes against what having good rep is all about.

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i dont think reputation should really matter for pvp
levels definitely should tho, and the consequence so far for killing underleveled people seems extremely weak

reputation punishment should depend on who starts the fight :skull: as a high rep it’s annoying to lose rep when someone with positive rep tries to box

there’s incentive to killing low levels now

i honestly found doing the opposite ngl i’ve been starting to face off dudes that are 10-30 lvls above me

but yeah i agree it’s not fun when a clan leader from a guild hunts u down 2-3 times for trying to do assassinations for syndicate at lvl 62-69. when their members weren’t even in the clan at the time when i did it with 0 ways to retaliate and i get jailed for a bit.

nah, I’ve had so many high reps randomly attack me as a high rep and it still drained my fame when I beat them, it would suck to lose even more

It should only result in a fame penalty if you were the one who provoked the fight

I definitely was not, I think the system for it is just slightly broken

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