Is it just me or? (sleep related)

Sometimes when I wake up, I somewhat feel like I’m paralyzed. I can move a for bit before seemingly losing movement. I could prevent this by constantly moving the limb and that prevents the paralysis. With enough effort/willpower, I can break out.

I’ve never tried talking while under this effect. I want to call this partial sleep paralysis.

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Ye, that’s sleep paralysis, I did a quick search and the first result says that it can be both complete and partial.

Be careful of waking up with this at night though, you dont want the demons coming for you now-

Just sleep instead

Ye, your body still thinks its dreaming. Go to sleep and if you’re lucky, you might even end up lucid dreaming.

Imagine actually having dreams

(No dreams for me)

I have dreams, but no sleep paralysis. Am I the only crazy one who’s curious about what it feels like…?

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Probally you just cant move and get some psycho effects from your brain sleeping

It’s not sleep paralysis at all, that’s just sleep inertia and it’s p normal, you probably just got sleep debt

I mean sleeping 4-6 hours isnt so bad

you know you’re awake but you can’t move

Dun let the sleep paralysis demons get you :3

Wait until you start seeing the “sleep paralysis demons”

Well it could depend on your age but you should always get a healthy 8 hours of sleep if possible

sleep paralysis (family friendly edition)

“This prison, to hold me?”

i think the sleep paralysis demon is too scared to come out because there’s light in the room

You sleep with lights on?

no, it always happens when the sun is already up

Cant explain it then. Your demon wont appear since brain has nothing to mess with your brain as you see your surroudings clearly

like a lightning and water mage like me hit you with water snare, and then used a lightning spell to paralyze you? bro must have lots of intensity for the paralysis to last that long.