Is it me or paralized status is broken?

I think name is self explanatory. Yesterday playing AO when paralyzed is applied atleast NPCs wouldn’t even flinch. Didn’t test on players but as I said NPCs just don’t care


stun doesnt work on NPCs

so are blinding/vision obscuring effects ( i think ? )

Stuns worked before update because they block you from moving or attacking but blinding doesn’t because they don’t have anything to be blinded(still I think can be made a thing by reducing their accuracity when blinded)

they still move around when i freeze them tho, could just be me ig

Npcs have always been weird when it comes to stun, such as immediately breaking out of strength grabs

Stuns have been nerfed, they no longer disable movement but instead just slows the enemy down


What he said, stuns basically don’t exist now. Doesn’t mean stun builds aren’t viable anymore, just that they’re way weaker than before.

This kinda sucks for stun builds because people/NPCs can still dash and use abilities for movement, so just slowing someone down is almost nothing. And also I really loved stunning low level marines and I think it’s pretty big part was that it can easily clear hordes of enemies but now it literally does nothing against them