Is it socially acceptable to wear your socks inside out?

I need to know

  • Yes it’s socially acceptable
  • No it’s not socially acceptable

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no ones going to notice

That’s exactly my point

if you somehow think its bad, just wear shoes large enough to cover all signs of sock, or just compress the socks into the shoes.

Reminds me of a story from 4chan about how a dude wore two layer socks in the military due to I believe his foot being too small. Ended up getting a nasty disease in his foot.

I do it all the time n nobody’s ever pestered me about it, so yeah.

My dad made a big fuss when he saw me do it. It’s not like wearing socks inside out turns you into some horrible criminal on the level of Pablo Escobar like god damn. I have and will always wear my socks inside out till the day I die

can confirm

(me who voted for no for the lols)

anyways i mean nobody is gonna notice but like, wouldn’t that feel weird?

just wear no socks at all

dont wear feet either, overrated

Feels uncomfortable to me, but might just be a placebo effect.

I don’t think there’s anything socially wrong with it though

i mean nobody is gonna care, but im gonna find you hella weird for thinking its more confortable that way
guess it depends on what socks tho

socks with flipflops

It’s cause of the fucking seam in the sock I fucking hate it, it’s uncomfortable so I flip my socks inside out so the seam is on the outside

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what the fuck why

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