Is Matt The Bat a Catgirl?

I have come with this doubt during a few weeks, there is proof that show matt the bat being a catgirl, he/she has said many things that put proof to this, Matt also did a face reveal, of himself (a cat) so, in fact, i think matt the bat is a catgirl, what do you people think?


matt is a catgirl and we all know it

Matt is a femboy and catgirl. Get your facts right.


I can agree on this idea. It is indeed a fact that Matt the Bat is a catgirl; based on all the clues and evidence we can find about them.

it isn’t hard to figure out that matt is a catgirl
mattie-batty knew as well as we did that they couldn’t hide the truth forever
eventually we would find out, and all matt can do is deny it
what is hard to do is to get matt to admit that they, are in fact, a catgirl.

he is and we have photographic proof of it

i can indeed verify that this is true


matt also takes on a catgirl appearance whenever possible in game too, further proving this point


im going to kill all of you


Sorry, i dont speak cat

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Geo here i have a link of how you can learn to speak cat , it is important that we understand how to correctly speak to matt because he is indeed a cat.


i can confirm this is accurate, as i had to read this when i first met matt the catgirl in order to understand her

I find it very hard to understand matt, because she cannot thoroughly speak English, which is why more people should learn how to speak cat, or maybe if matt wants to actually learn English, Either way is fine.

I have found photographic evidence proving Matt is a catgirl
matt catgirl


Matt is totally a catgirl 100%

Further investigation has shown that matt even says “nya” in chat, i think it’s pretty clear she’s a catgirl


We’ve gathered alot of information towards this theory now, were getting close to cracking it.

Matt is now a certified cat girl

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Anyways I’ll give the final verdict.
If we use profesional theories from a certain someone meaning that whoever doesn’t use an anime pfp or something closely related to it is female. Which allows us to know that she’s a female. Now then I’ll put all the points down here.

  • Does not use anime pfp meaning female.
  • Has told Nya when not in the presence of others.
  • Has turned into a catgirl when not in the prescence of others.
  • Clearly very submissive and rejects these facts in fear of the truth being revealed.
  • Matt has a :3 face meaning that she’s a catgirl.

These are the points that show the truth about Matt. She’s indeed a catgirl.


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i have necroposted to provide a better explanation with a bit more insight.