Is morden a necromantic

morden probably has a thing for corpses. for one, he has the death curse, and as we all know death loves their corpses. for two, he really likes tucker for some reason even though he’s really fucking dead. maybe they be fuckin idk. for three, he’s literally seiga kaku from the hit series touhou project frfr

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doki doki waku waku


morden’s heart pounding adventure or smth

he pounds what now

i told you he was a necromantic

No wonder he didn’t want to use his Death curse. He didn’t want to use wood magic accidentally.

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hello rb1

i love you schizoposter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@moderators, crush his balls with hammer please

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no he and tucker were just Very Very gay for each other

just like me and vetex…

ok that’s enough internet for today

Mods… turn his cranium into sphagetti. Thank you once again for your time.

I regret knowing how to read

we already lost em’ lads :pensive:

NOOOOOOOOO (erm yes this a sentence)