Is noble really winning?

I hear a lot of “Noble Winning” but everyone fails to produce proof or results. Is this just noble propaganda???


I need this question answered. where is the proof of noble winning

Exactly, seems they be cappin’?

It’s just a running joke in the community for reasons I have no idea why. Not funny after a while but hey in the current situation it’s pretty nice to hear.

Noble is not winning, noble is losing or otherwise cheating.

Man, it a fucking joke


why did you have to mention me on discord about this

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Here’s a simple answer: no they are fucking not. for now, at least, maybe.

noble winnin’ :nod: :poggers2:

Cattus, what is Noble winning?

The world items collected championship 2020

I’d like to know, what is Noble?

Noble been winnin since the dawn of time B)


Why does Noble start sweating when they hear about War Phoenix?

War Phoenix is Noble’s father!

I guess it gets exhausting taking out heaps of trash


Yes. Noble Is winning.

Yes as said, noble (the guild) is in fact, in a state of continuous victory and success, aka: Noble is winnin’

noble winnin’t
everyone knows that

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noble has to be winnin