Is prometheus acrimony less rare now?

I just got 3 today and i got another one yesterday, is it less rare or i am just very lucky?

You are lucky, wth.

I haven’t got one at all

everyone in my clan of 6 people has one.
the abunadnce of chest has probally had some effect

The changes to chests meant that any chest has a chance of giving you one, rather than just ingredient bags.

You are the exception and not the rule

Vetex i see what you have done for others and i want it to happen to me


You could’ve used that luck of yours to get some Sunkens… such a shame ngl, such a shame-

before that i was fishing for like 1 hour straight in the dark sea lmao

Even I managed to get one, and luck was never in my favor before

So I guess you could say that.
If it isn’t the case then it’s still nice to believe that.

Everyone can dream

just lucky, please sir give me your luck. hand it over.