Is roblox simulators just nft games?

What I mean by that is simulators are like nfts because they all have the same formula which is to click to gain. (Honestly idk why children enjoy these)

Take for example Pet Simulator X. The creator of the game Preston at Big games are selling nfts to manipulate children into spending millions of dollars for a free image promising in return for the ‘pet in game.’
Taken screenshot of nfts cry about it

Simulators are hellspawn

NFTs are hellspawn

No difference tbh :fr:

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NFT creators aren’t that generous

besides you can’t trade your accumulated numbers for moolah unlike NFTs

they’re both garbage but at least you can scam people with NFTs

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many simulators are only for cash sure some might appeal to the audience but once i saw a game that had a gamepass for 10k ROBUX

Reminds me of some company, I think it’s called “Roblox” or something

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Oh yeah! Roblox