Is speed cooked?

Hey I’ve been getting back into build-making and I was wondering if speed is even worth running ATM, on lets say something like berserker where you have majority of ur points invested into strength. I’m looking at the AO gear maker website and nothing is sounding allat good about speed rn even at light or low invest. I hate to be a size glazer but I think now’s just the time to have nuclear builds!

Finna run this

Might trade off more defense for power or size (was gonna gatekeep but u could prob ez find/make this urself so heres the sauce ig)

you should use a chart modified on the amulet and put the atlantean on a sunken


Good idea, but that’d give me 36 attack speed cause of the atlantean stat thing. I really don’t need that speed. If anyone here knows how to break the 790 EP that’d be greatly appreciated btw

use armored with agates

so the atlante modifier gives you power

this is mine

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It’s beautiful.

Speed is cooked indeed

stats with sunken change and lvl 140 :

What is this font and how do i change the default font to this. I see people change their font allt he time but idk how to do it. If you could tell me I would greatly appreciate it.

You can change your font using Bloxstrap

Ok thanks!

Damn should I ditch speed on my shadow mage?

prolly not tbh its proly ok on shadow mage atleast but power scaling might be more efficient

personally i’m running speed on my cfist build for the fun of it, i know it’s cooked and I don’t care