Is there a better enchantment for oathkeeper than strong

I have a clean one and I want to know if I should enchant it or keep my strong one

Strong is plainly the best enchant on every weapon, and for most weapons its the only good enchant besides the vastira, if you don’t have that many and plan on trading them it’s not worth it imo.

second best bet is swift but Raging Storm doesn’t consume a whole lot of stamina (and it just refuels by the time it ends anyways with unchanted/strong). RIP if you get hard

swift literally changes nothing about an oath

hard is bad, all it is good for is clanging with other weapons, you get more time to act out of it. it doesnt help though, because who slashes anyways

strong is obv best.
besides, oaths suck a lot anyways. all weapons except ss suck mostly. even ss sucks a fair bit in pvp. easy to read

Imo the oathkeeper has the worst enchants other than strong

  • Raging storm is so long that swift barely helps saving stamina when it will regen by the time the move is done, and while it does help with slashing speed, I don’t remember it being that good compared to the vastira
  • Hard isn’t really useful for anything other than the vastira.

Meanwhile the vastira…

  • Swift gives it a better slashing speed and melee is/was a really strong part of it (you could deal like 200 damages per swing before, not sure how good it is with enough strength now). Also helps with stamina usage, and the weapon uses a ton so there’s that
  • Hard turns it into an unbreakable shield with about the same blocking power as an unenchanted wall of jericho while freeing you up a slot

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