Is there a place

is there a place where you could post guild invitations other than forums and vetex server

the guild hub discord server (HORRIBLE idea don’t do it) or advertise it in game by either just asking around to see if people wanna join or a global message with your discord server (make sure to space the characters for the invite out a bit and experiment with it until you can get it past the dumb chat filter)

You can do it in guild hub and guild hub 2.0 (Olympus news) but everyone there is usually assholes that I am 99% sure they come from arcane reborn

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damn olympus news has gotten that bad?

What I heard from Cam ye

probably, i left about a week ago because 5 (probably more) guild members being homophobic in general

oh wait thats it? i thought wom guilds for sure would be a lot worse than tww factions, but I guess not since they spam n words, slurs, some of them are nazis/nazi supporters (idk what its called in the modern era, idc), and the usual homophobic stuff

nah im still not buying it im sure someone in the servers can reveal that they do a lot worse no way tww community worse than wom

neonazis, idc that you don’t care

this is just olympus news i’m talking about, i’m sure g**ld hub is worse

idk though i left guild hub a month or two ago and i don’t wanna rejoin that hellhole to check

there’s definitely more of this in guild hub though, i’ve seen the n word thrown around is both servers but definitely in guild hub it was more frequent

i was thinking of that but i couldnt be arsed to check if it was the correct term or not also idc that you dc that idc! :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

thats more like the wom guild community i know in love, though it’s still surprising not see that it’s blatantly worse

#guilds:guild-recruitment will open when AO releases.

kept getting pinged on there to many times that it caused me to leave.Some members can be quite racist at times.
There are very few safe AO discord servers.

don’t listen to these losers, I strongly recommend advertising your guild in the Guild Hub server. They are a welcoming and friendly community and I’m sure they would be delighted to have you and your guild be advertised. :heart_eyes_cat:

i still haven’t recovered from… that

such words have never been so true


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I left probably a year ago. That shit is awful

obama is keeping the server in lockdown until ao which is cringe