Is there a way to make the Forum themes customizable?

Is what I wrote in the title possible?
The place I’m talking about is here:
I like the default, but I kind of want to mess around with it a bit.
Idk if this is something possible with discourse though…

are you trying to change the title?

Changed it to mean what I meant, even though it was pretty obvious.

honestly, I kinda wanna see what a red background would look like.

Headless just hasn’t messed around with it much yet.

Does Headless come around often?

To my knowledge Headless usually only logs in for site maintenance / updates.

Fuck. Okay, guess I’ll just wait until I see them.

Of course there is a way.

If you want it done through the forum, then you’d have to wait for Headless, but if you wanna do it on your own you could use an extension, like Midnight Lizard, to customize color schemes on a per-site basis.
Midnight Lizard is a FOSS extension so I’m fine with recommending it, but there are of course other options.

Oh ok, thanks!
Thanks especially for the extension recommendation.