Is There Any Reason NOT To Set Snare And Rushdown To 20?

exactly what I said, is there ANY reason not to set multihit grabs to the max? yeah I know thermo fist fucking dies but apart from that, you (I assume) get more damage for free.

I mean technically health regen makes shorter ones better but you also get self synergy depending on the source that makes it higher overall damage, so I genuinely have no clue why you shouldn’t ever set it to 20.

I mean, in 1v1s, yeah. But if you’re fighting a group being trapped in an animation like that could lead to you taking serious damage.

grabs give damage immunity

They do? Huh.

In that case, yeah, idk.

I mean, multiple hits means longer distance travelled when you finish your combo, but yeah idk what multiple hits does in a grab when you only need to hit once for the whole damage whereas multiple shots/blasts have slightly increased damage the more shots/blasts you use in one skill.

So maybe use it when you want to travel longer?

EDIT: Forgot to mention snare, it’s only purpose for the multi hit is for magic like light or sand for the blinding effect, though not sure if it actually still applies that.

DOT magics probably like the big single hit. There’s also the thing where your grab gets cancelled sometimes if you’re too close to the ground, so having it set to a low number lowers the chance of that happening

1 hit = you don’t get self synergy unless your dot was already applied
2 hit = half your self synergy
20 = 19/20 of your self synergy bonus (if it rounds enough)

well i mean imagine a poison warlock

hit shot → hit rushdown

theres no immunity after the attack ends so if the move takes too long other players can charge their attacks and wait for the i-frames to end.
Same goes for skills with long lengths and high end lag like beast instinct, when u can just wait around them and charge your…


noone does that, did you really think people would… think?

beast instinct is awful because of how obvious it is, but noone punishes it

Ive done it before, with a snare or blast, working on finding the right time to use the ult

For some reason grabs will just spontaneously end so I prefer to keep them short to prevent this from happening. There could be a reason as to why but I have yet to discover how or why.

The higher dmg the first hit is, the higher the inflicted DOT is. Not sure this makes it worth it to set to low hits, but its worth considering.

I would assume this is common knowledge so im prob missing something here.

i just set it to 20 because the animation feels too slow otherwise

for a build like mine (lightning + sailor fist), having 1 hit rushdowns is a need so i can make use of the stun

iirc this only ever happens on npcs because they randomly get grab immunity mid rushdown so they just cancel it, ive never had this issue with players before

Might need to test it out then since I very well could be mixing players and NPCs up here or smth.

I set mine to 1 so that the enemy has less time to react.

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Mostly because they get too laggy to actually do it