Is there going to be a way to test what class you want to be?

So AO is going to have special classifications depending on the stats that you put into your character. Just wondering if there is going to be a way to get a feel for a specific stat classification before it’s your character gets too high of a level to change anything. Idk something that shows each pro and con of the classification in the early game before committing to one stat class.

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there is an item that lets you reset your stat points, but we don’t know how rare it will be
you’ll probably get it from sealed chests or from fishing, or just treasure in general

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We got a general idea of what each class is going to do and the pros and cons associated with it. You get a damage reduction as a paladin but don’t expect to be getting 3 magics. General stuff like that.

As for trying out other classes we have the ability to make multiple files on both WoM and AO which can be used for different magics. Likewise you can use multiple files to test out multiple stat builds.

If that doesn’t sit well with you then you should also know that there will be an in-game way to reset your stat points, probably a consumable rare item you can get. No one knows how we’ll obtain this item or how rare it will be, all we know is something along those lines might exist in the future of AO. As of now there is no item that does such a thing.

Leveling up shouldn’t be too tedious in AO. I’d imagine it’d take 6~ hours to get to max level grinding the whole time. AO is much more story focused than WoM was but WoM also has 2x XP code. You could probably get to max level in AO by hour 3 or 4 if you’re really maximizing your time. It ain’t hard nor is it rocket science.

If you want to change mid playthrough then ig you’re shit out of luck but honestly all playstyles will be balanced in a way that this playstyle you go for shouldn’t be something you want to abandon. I don’t think a knight mid file will suddenly want to become a warlock. I can see players wanting to change to obtain something else but if it’s mid game (level 40-90~) then you can make a new file and only lose up to like 3 hours of progress. It’ll suck but it’ll make your change more impactful ig?


New files, skill wipe item