Is there going to be new magic?

Is vetex going to add new magic in the TRG? I already know he’s removing iron & gold and replacing it with music magic but is he going to add anything else? I hope he adds dirt magic where if it hits a player it makes them get messy where they get slowed and blinded. what popular magic suggestions do you guys think vetex will finally add when he caves in?


okay i’ll ask a new question be on the look out

that’s a lost magic called mud magic iirc

dang that’s cool, that’ll be mine


yeah, it’s called metal magic.


:frhigh: my brain can’t comprehend

basically either the old mal with vpn or some other forumer using mal’s name to troll us while not being as much sus as the original mal

The “other” mal got evaporated so he technically never existed. so I’m actually the original now

Arent lost spells getting added when tgr finishs?

Other than metal magic and lost magics nope

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