Is there going to be new status effects?

Is vetex going to add new status effects in the TRG? I don’t want to check the trello right now because I’m so busy but i’m curious if he’s going to add new status effects. I feel like he’s finally going to add the deafness status where basically whenever you use really loud moves the more deaf you get and then you become completely deaf. maybe he would add it in the future when cannons are used so we can have deaf sailors who say how they got deafened.

yea, tickle effect is getting added.
dont know what tf its supposed to be.

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tickle effect? the trello didn’t explain?

We have the Crystalized Status being new when AO comes (though it was an old idea) but other than that who knows… maybe so for bosses or so.

Sweaty (caused by overheating)
Crystallized (caused by Crystal Magic

Concussed is yet to be added.

That’s it for now


thanks, is the tickle effect a thing like how thesnowcrab said?

No it’s not, he was trolling.

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Also concussed. It was an accepted suggestion I think.

spells* and i dont think they cause extra status effects

Oh my bad lol

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dont forget cold from getting too cold in a snowy area

Guess we could count overheating too then

isnt that just sweaty?

Well technically sweaty is a status effect you get while overheating, but overheating itself also has its effects

overheating is because of your heat meter on the ui. This is even shown is WOM right now

That’s Freezing, Ice already has that. The extra bonuses are just from the temperature, not the status.