Is there really going to be an interchange gel wipe?

I host interchange parties for 5k galleons all the time and one of my regular customers showed me a screenshot of a guy named salt :salt: saying that all gels will be removed in the dark sea update. Salt has never been a reliable source for me, I mean I don’t trust the guy at all, but this wipe will threaten my net worth greatly as I have 2 acrimonies and 8 interchange gels left. I can’t find any details of it in the patch notes, nor on the forums. So, is there really going to be an interchange gel wipe?

If there is can you provide me with the source so that I can stop asking obvious questions out here?

huge suspicion he is just making it up with no source

I mean if there’s not really any other info on it then probably not, the only thing I could see happening is getting rid of gels, but brews would be even more stupid. And even then, you would likely be compensated for any gels you had if they were removed.
TLDR: 95% sure they won’t, if they do, you’ll likely be compensated.

You should just be refunded a Acrimony if it happened and you had one

Inferno (and maybe some other testers) said that he’s advocating for that to be the case, but as far as I know this change hasn’t actually gone through in the test server or on the balance doc. For now, it’s nothing more than a possibility

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It could just be because its getting duped too much but idk

That’s ironic because infernoferno participated in one of my interchange parties

yo can i pay 8k-10k for reset got a discord?

What is even the argument for removing this?
Genuinely why?

If its the same bullshit “nooo people are gonna adjust to the meta” argument then please kindly shut up.


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