Is there Strength/Martial Artist lore?

Haven’t really delved too deep into the lore but I figure I might as well ask. Is there anything explaining how fighting styles developed alongside magic? I remember seeing something about the radius fist’s creator in the lore doc but nothing specific about how magic is applied or how it developed

You just punch using certain techniques. You can imbue fighting styles on weapons or magic on fighting styles

nah they have never delve deep into how fighting styles were formed like wtf were the creators thinking about when creating it or purpose for it being used

some mentors mention hogwash about “aura” which also applies to weapons

we will likely get more information about it later

you punch shit like a dumb ass, then after punching a lot of shit you think to yourself
“damn… wouldnt it be more efficient if i did it like this instead?”
and then you punch shit like a professional


Thermo is like from Sameria, the guy teaches you a less efficient version.
Iron Leg is just kick things super fucking HARD!
Sailor Style is just be drunk from sea water.
Boxing is basic combat but rubber on your hands.
Basic Combat is well you know what the fuck basic combat is.

The most lore there is for any fighting style is in Radius Fist (invented by Freedrock, the Lazarus Curse user). Other than that, every fighting style gets the standard “strike in certain ways for funny effects and subconscious magic usage” plus where they originated (Sameria for Thermo, Sarvloveze’s family for Iron Leg).

I mean it’s pretty well explained

Aura is just the latent use of magical energy without the use of magic circles

As it’s distinct from the old magic which sapped your life

Honestly that guys dialogue just tells me that we can turn thermo fist into a lost variant if we study under a master in Ravenna or something. The end result being a superior version of thermo fist (whether it be in heat efficiency or just the effectiveness/resilience of using it).

It’s pretty much just kick things until your legs start to have metal grow on it

im probably gonna have to go through n read their descriptions again

So old magic was like gathering and concentrating this magic for powerful spells at the cost of your life or other adverse effects, whereas fighting styles rely on a more passive form of magic energy that’s channeled into the body

More like literally drawing directly from your soul with no catalyst in-between, ultimately costing some of your life force, sickening you if using it too much, and quickly reducing your lifespan to just 40 years. However, this warranted incredible freedom with it; Vetex has said that you could teleport with it, or clone yourself with primitive magic.

Augmented Magic uses magic circles instead - a catalyst, but it restricts you to your minds. It also makes you capable of living up to 1000 years.

Aura appears to be either the version of augmented magic for implements not using the energy directly (magic), OR it uses the magic energy in the environment around the person.

What do you mean by restricts you to your minds? Might be confused or just really tired so mb

I imagine that aura might be a bit of magic energy within and inside the person seeing how stuff like sailor fist is more environmental and iron leg is more akin to using the magic within the body to enhance limbs

Mind is magic slot basiclly. You can have max 3 of them

You could read the Arcane Adventures webtoon, it explains very well the Minds, but basically

your magic today is in your brain, you have 3 “minds”

1 - your personality, therefore your 1st magic

2- your desires, therefore your 2nd magic

3- i forgor, but it is very weak so it cant be mutated or researched into lost or ancient magic

unlocking your Minds allows you to use your magic, and changing/strenghtening your Minds allowed you to mutate them in the seven seas

If I desire to conquer which magic would that be?

probably a shadow or fire mutation, there is a trello on Q&A related to mutations, i will look for it and tell you

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It was forged by the most ancient and covert martial artists in a time long forgotten… A style of ultimate versatility, and yet the master of none, it’s conception was considered to be impossible, however, that didn’t stop these fighting masters from creating it. Using all of their knowledge and skill, they collectively developed basic combat, its creation was revolutionary, defying all logic and science at the time. To this day, it’s full workings are still not very known, perhaps we’ll never know the true nature of this fighting style entirely.

time to upgrade basic combat when it comes out